What is body-positive photography anyway? | Boone Boudoir

What would it feel like to feel completely at home in your body?


Trying to force ourselves to be something that we are not is exhausting. Walking by a mirror and judging our every curve and bump. Sucking our stomach in incessantly. Or just avoiding the feeling of being in our bodies at all.


Moving from a place of judgement to a place of acceptance and eventually to self-love is a journey. For me, this is a journey I will ALWAYS be on.

Finding positive things in my body and leaning into what feels good is my medicine. It’s the gateway for me to begin to shift from self-hate to self-love. I turned 35 this year — a milestone for me as a woman because 35 seems like a turning point, even if that is a culturally conditioned belief. So as an act of self-care, love and kindness towards myself, I took some self-portraits. Because I believe that body acceptance will always be a journey that I’m on, it’s important for me to look for the beauty in each phase of my life. You know how they say… it’s not the destination, but the journey.

Finding self-acceptance and self-love is available to us at any given moment. It lies in finding what feels good, in withholding our self-judgements and staying curious, open and loving about WHAT IS.


Boudoir photography is all about feeling at home in being yourself. Sometimes boudoir photos are done in lingerie and have a sensual vibe. HOWEVER, my goal is to create a space for you to embrace your magic IN WHATEVER WAY YOU WANT. That could mean we frolic through the forest in your favorite outfit. OR we find a mountaintop and create some dramatic images of you dancing in the sunlight.


To me as your photographer, body-positive photography is about creating a space for you to be YOU!

If you’re seeking healing, self-love, excitement, acceptance, deeper self-expression or just want to do something artsy and fun, then I want to hold the space for you to do that!

What would that look like for you? Feel into it and when you know, I’d love to hear and witness that for you. Session or not! Find me on Instagram @booneboudoir.


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