Zoemma & Jonathan | Judea Reform Wedding in Durham, NC

Zoemma & Jon’s Durham wedding was such a huge celebration of their love for each other and love amongst friends.Zoemma & Jon met via mutual friend Steph Bryant while Zoemma was working at Fleet Feet in Carrboro. Steph told Zoemma that she “knew a little someone who liked her”, but Zoemma & Jon remained friends for several months before finally dating. When Jon became single and hit the dating scene, Zoemma decided she wanted Jon all to herself! They have now been together for four years!

The day began at 21C Museum Hotel in downtown Durham where the ladies got ready and enjoyed mimosas. I utilized the hotel and surrounding area for details, family photos and shots with the couple (don’t miss Zoemma’s dress hanging from the iconic bull statue in downtown Durham with their pup Beckett posing for me!). When it was time for their first look, we took to the hotel’s galleries for an unforgettable moment between Zoemma & Jon.

After their sweet first look, we had a chance to snap some photos within them museum’s galleries and old vault. The art deco building that is now the 21C Museum Hotel used to house a bank, whose basement vault is truly something to behold! The hotel has now transformed the vault into a lounge area that is open to the public. So of course, we had to have photos.

How he asked…
These two really bring a smile to my face! Their engagement story is just as adorable as the story of how they met. It was Thanksgiving weekend 2016 and as we all do after Thanksgiving day, Zoemma & Jon were enjoying a lazy afternoon. Jon is a huge runner and kept trying to motivate them to go for a run. He talked Zoemma into a walk. And thus, off they went along one of their favorite treks in Carrboro. After a while, Jon initiated the conversation by telling Zoemma how much he loved her family and how he’s noticed that they’ve warmed to him over time. Jon continues stating, “so just imagine how surprised your mother was when I asked for this!”. Jon pulls out Zoemma’s grandmother’s ring. Zoemma was so surprised that she didn’t realize that Jon was proposing at first and her initial thought was “why do you have my grandmother’s ring?”. Then she realized that Jon was proposing!! Of course, she said yes and the rest is history 🙂 I love this story so much because Zoemma’s reaction sound exactly like how I myself would react. <3

Zoemma & Jon’s wedding day was really so perfect. There was no stress, no tension just laughter and love. I’ve never witnessed a Jewish ceremony before and I absolutely LOVED it. The couple draws up their own wedding contract called a “ketubah” in which they outline their commitments to each other and to which the couple should return to from time to time to remember the vows they made on their wedding day. I cannot express to you how much this idea resonates with me, and should I find myself getting married one day, I would love to share a “marriage contract” with my partner.

This wedding had so many fun traditions! The reception started with La Marcha de Los Novios a Mexican tradition (Zoemma is originally from New Mexico), which was INCREDIBLE with nearly every guest participating. Immediately following La Marcha, Hava Nagila started and Zoemma & Jon were transported onto chairs and hoisted above the crowd. They also played the “shoe game” where they answer questions about each other without seeing how the other is answering. Adorable. The reception also had a photobooth from ZimZoom, which my second shooter Jesse Roberts and I definitely partook in 🙂

I feel so thankful to have been a part of Zoemma & Jon’s wedding day. Their uniqueness as individuals and as a couple made the day unforgettable. I can’t wait to see what they do next and look forward to following their story!

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Venue – Judea Reform Congregation
Getting Ready Venue – 21C Museum Hotel Durham
Catering – Med Deli Catering
Photobooth – ZimZoom
Second Photographer – JLRoberts Photography
Makeup – Angela Hugghins at Monarch Brow & Facial Studio
Hair – Chanell Howard Mitchell
Dress – Eddy K
Florals – Bloomin’ Rose Flowers
DJ – Perfect Event Entertainment

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