John + Rachel | Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Session


My first time meeting John & Rachel I knew that it was meant to be… for them AND for me as their photographer. We met up at Rise in Carrboro, NC and indulged in the most amazing biscuits and donuts in the region. It was messy and delicious and I KNEW that we would become good friends.

It was at our first client meeting that they mentioned doing and engagement session VERY soon… as in just 4 weeks away at the beginning of October. I’m a very go-with-the-flow and roll-with-the-punches kind of gal, and if I get an opportunity to photograph beautiful people… I generally find the time no matter how busy I am. And thus, I said, “Chyeah!”.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks later, and we solidify some plans to meet in Boone and traipse around the parkway on a Saturday afternoon. Well, that weekend Hurricane Matthew also graced NC with his presence, so we collectively decided to push our session out one day since they were staying in the vicinity. Thank goodness we did wait because the weather was wonderful. We did encounter some pretty intense¬†wind at the top of Rough Ridge though, but these two adventurers and outdoors enthusiasts took it in stride. You can see our wonderful afternoon together and John + Rachel’s incredible love through these images.


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