Meredith & Jordan – Into the Mystic | White Fence Farm – Trade, TN

This one is going to stick with me for a while.


I can’t exactly tell you how many times I teared up over the two days of Meredith & Jordan’s wedding weekend. The absolute love between these two and their ability to cultivate “good people” really touched my heart.

The day began with the bride and groom getting ready in their respective cabins surrounded by friends and family. From various friends hanging out on the porch and directing traffic to others helping with the setup for the evening, everyone was involved in the preparations for the day.


Their first look took place on the porch of the farmhouse at White Fence Farm. We followed up their first look by taking a little walk into the woods near the farm’s entrance. This allowed Meredith & Jordan to have a quiet (and silly) moment before the day really geared up. I just adore the sweet exchanges between these two. You can tell that they are meant to be together because they take solace in each other. They are each other’s homing beacon and when together, they seem like they are right at home <3


One of the most moving parts of the day was during the ceremony on White Fence Farm’s sprawling green. After a tearful declaration of vows, Meredith & Jordan read the vows that they had written for their unborn baby. I cannot express enough how moving this is. When Meredith told me that they had chose to have a baby and get pregnant, I just about lost it. It’s a beautiful thing to choose to be with another person, but to decide actively and together to choose to have a baby–that’s pure love (and just about the most romantic thing I can imagine)!


The evening continued with low a country boil, a popcorn bar, a pot luck to put any Sunday Baptist gathering to shame, and about 15′ of desserts. There were giggling babies, hula hoops and racquetball, beers abound, and a dazzling firefly show.

Rustic Laid Back Musician Wedding at White Fence Farm Boone Wedding Photographer


Here are those 15′ of desserts. No joke!


The speeches for the evening were heart-felt and hilarious. Both of Meredith’s brothers as well as Jordan’s brother Rob had the room rolling in laughter!


I named this post “Into the Mystic” because out of all the music played over the weekend, that song really stuck with me. Local Boone musicians Dave Brewer and Scott Haynes (along with other amazing talent) played this song right around dusk when the party started to get going. Watching all of the beautiful bodies swaying and stepping to this Van Morrison fave, the overall feeling of love and goodness from the weekend solidified in my mind. Celebrating the union of two much-loved individuals felt just like that… sailing sweetly into the Mystic.


I feel so lucky to have been able to photograph Meredith & Jordan’s wedding. They are clearly two very special people, which is evident of the amazing collection of humans at their wedding. I wish them all the best and look forward to seeing their new lives together unfold. Congratulations again to Meredith & Jordan!


Venue: White Fence Farm
Catering: Boonetown BBQ
Coordinator: The Laurel Collective
Sound: Haynes Event Productions
Tap Trailer: Happy Trailers Refrigerated Rentals

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