Danielle & Chris | Intimate Backyard Wedding – Chapel Hill, NC

“You and Me and These Dogs.”

This phrase hung above the mirror in Danielle and Chris’s bedroom, and I honestly feel like it sums up their love perfectly. From their decision to have their wedding at home (on their front porch, no less!) to the dogs having free reign during the festivities to the tenderness and solace they seem to find in one another… the life that Danielle & Chris have created together is the ultimate fruit of their love for one another.


Getting Ready

I met Danielle & Chris through a mutual friend of ours and I was able to hang with the two of them prior to being their wedding photographer. Frankly, I instantly fell in love with these two as their love for food, dedication to house and home and all the goodness therein, and their laidback demeanour all mirror my own. Thus, I was excited when Danielle asked me to be their wedding photographer and was thrilled when she told me their wedding would be at their home in Chapel Hill, NC. Danielle & Chris’s wedding is my idea of a perfect wedding day — a carefully curated event in the comfort of their own home surrounded by friends and family with a loose timeline.

The festivities began with Danielle prepping with her sister and a close friend while Chris drank scotch with the guys. Everything took place within their home, so I was able to bounce back and forth between the guys, the girls and the details. A huge tent and long table was setup on the back patio of their home. If you’re going to spend money on your wedding day, why not justify it by making those home upgrades you’ve been dreaming of!

Shoutout to Danielle for her AMAZING work on these flowers! She made them all herself <3


Weather be damned!

The weather on that day was truly a Piedmont spring. The humidity was high and the sky alternated between pouring and drizzling. When it came time for the ceremony, family and friends gathered on the front porch to witness Danielle & Chris’s exchange of vows. Danielle’s sister and the day-of coordinator Martina officiated the ceremony. This lady was the master of all! She even helped me coordinate family photos 🙂

Since the wedding fell on Mother’s Day weekend, both Danielle and Chris’s mothers spoke during the ceremony. There was not a dry eye to be found in the house (on both accounts)! I also just love that the puppers were able to do their thing during the ceremony as well <3



One of the reasons that Danielle & Chris decided to have their wedding at their home was that Chris’s father is in ailing health. Thus, being close to the comforts of home was an important part of his being able to be present on their wedding day. I think this is an important reminder of WHY we get married — marriage is about family and the union of two families to create a new one. Who we choose to surround ourselves with on our wedding day is what it’s about.


A moment alone…

Post-ceremony photos took place on one of the several porches their house offered. I really loved capturing the love between these two and I think they were relieved to have a moment together before the reception.


Under the tent

Drinks and merriment ensued while everyone ate dinner under the tent. The food from Three Seasons Catering was mediterranean and absolutely delicious. Wine, beer, and sodas were available as well (I loved this wheelbarrow full of soda). I made friends with Chris’s nephews who showed me their kung fu karate moves! Another joy of intimate weddings is that everyone gets to know everyone else. Chris and Danielle individually introduced and thanked each guest at dinner. THIS, y’all! THIS is the magic of weddings — coming together with your closest people to celebrate your union <3 My time wrapped up as dessert was served and the dinner party continued on.



I’m so grateful to have been a part of Danielle & Chris’s wedding day and doubly grateful to consider them friends. Cheers to the next chapter of their life together!


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