Last Saturday night myself and 6 other photographers ventured out to a dark spot in Boone for some light painting. We came armed with glow sticks, lanterns and headlamps for some long exposure exploration. Light painting essentially uses the light source in your image as a way to create a new subject through motion or […]

I started out in life as a film photographer. I STILL shoot film on occasion. Film photography forces you to analyze light within an image in detail both in the field and in the darkroom. Last Saturday while at Linville Wilderness Gorge, we decided to play with light as you might do in a darkroom […]

Linville Gorge is amazing in its own right, and this past weekend I had the opportunity to see it from a new perspective.  I’ve always been a stargazer; however, we live in a world filled with artificial light. Growing up next to a big city, you get tons of light pollution and as a kid […]