Light Painting | Boone, NC

Last Saturday night myself and 6 other photographers ventured out to a dark spot in Boone for some light painting. We came armed with glow sticks, lanterns and headlamps for some long exposure exploration.

Light painting essentially uses the light source in your image as a way to create a new subject through motion or “painting”. It’s an alternative long exposure technique that offers fun and sometimes stunning results. Getting the settings right with this technique does require some trial and error, but luckily I had a few other photographer friends who were eager to experiment and generous in sharing their knowledge!

Here are some of the images:

This image was made with multiple lights tied to a stick.

Boone, NC Light Painting

Vortex! My good friend Jesse Roberts of JL Roberts Photography slowly rotated two glow sticks as he backed away from my camera.
Boone, NC Light PaintingORBS. I had a slight obsession with doing this.
Boone, NC Light Painting

Thank you, Walmart lightsabers. Boone, NC Light Painting

This is one of my absolute favorites! Jessica from Wayfaring Wanderer stayed amazingly still for this 30 second exposure.

Boone, NC Light Painting

Looking so tough!

Boone, NC Light Painting

This looks like a caterpillar to me.

Boone, NC Light PaintingBoone, NC Light PaintingBoone, NC Light Painting

One of my favorites was our little collection of orbs.

Boone, NC Light PaintingBoone, NC Light PaintingBoone, NC Light Painting

The ultraviolet settings on our headlamps offered a super eery look.

Boone, NC Light PaintingBoone, NC Light Painting

Thank you so much to everyone who came out! I’d love to do this again!

  1. These turned out so great, Ashley! What a fun night! I’m looking forward to experimenting again soon! 

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