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Last Sunday, John & Rachel got married at the Top of the Hill in Chapel Hill, NC. Their wedding was a Sunday brunch wedding with mimosas, shrimp & grits and donuts instead of cake. They are so my kind of people.

John & Rachel knew their friends weren’t the dancing types. And since this wedding was on a Sunday morning, they thought that a photobooth would offer more entertainment that their friends and family would also take part in. They were so right!

This was my first venture in offering a photobooth in about 6  years, and thus, I had to fill out my prop collection. I spent the last 9 months gathering ridiculous hats, glasses, and props in preparation for this day. I became a Goodwill fiend and basically everywhere I went, my eyes were peeled for potential photobooth props. Surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly), many of these props came from my own collection.

John & Rachel’s guests did not disappoint! Take a look at this hilarious collection of photographs of their wedding guests striking a pose.

[pp_gallery id=”5522″ style-id=”15307829-8a31-4c90-ab98-8f9d0a9f7ac8″]You can view the full gallery of photobooth images from John & Rachel’s wedding here.

  1. Carol Stratton says:

    Absolutely ;love it! Since we could not attend, this felt like we could at least have a glimpse of their amazing day!

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