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When Jessica and I first sat down at our client meeting back in August and she told me all about her wedding day plans, I knew that her and her fiance Kevin were one-of-a-kind…and boy, was I right!

I’m a lover of all nerdoms. Growing up in the ’90’s, I was obsessed with Star Wars. I preordered the digitally remastered versions on VHS when they rereleased the trilogy (that’s right. VHS, baby). My parents watched TNG when it aired. I’ve read and followed the LOTR and HP franchises over the last 20 years. I’ve read several adult and youth fantasy and sci-fi series. Me and my bae watch Game of Thrones, Vikings, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and Jessica Jones on the Netflix. I fit the description of “millenial” when it comes to being a geek. So when Jessica & Kevin wanted to incorporate their nerdiness into their engagement shoot, I was 100% game.

We met up in Boone and carpooled over to the Blue Ridge Parkway outside of Blowing Rock, NC. Our first destination was Julian Price Memorial Park just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Julian Price Park picnic area is also the trailhead for the Boone Fork Trail and Hebron Rock Colony. It also offers several great locations for photo shoots! Jessica & Kevin expressed their amazing personalities and shared passion of books, scifi and fantasy lore, and of course, their love for each other.
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From Julian Price Park we hopped back on the Blue Ridge Parkway to our second location–Beacon Heights. Just passed Grandfather Mountain on the parkway there’s a trail that heads to Beacon Heights Overlook. We got there just before sunset with enough time for everyone to enjoy some bubbles. We wrapped up our High Country engagement session watching the sunset and letting the light turn from golden to the soft pastels that give the Appalachians their iconic moniker the “Blue Ridge Mountains”.
6c4a23106c4a23546c4a24406c4a24476c4a24616c4a24976c4a25216c4a25666c4a2592I’ve don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun on a shoot before, and I’m just thrilled to be the wedding photographer at Jessica & Kevin’s wedding next april in Boone, NC.

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