Mystery Hill(mystery not quite revealed)

The High Country of NC is full of exciting adventures and hidden treasures. One of these destinations is a place called Mystery Hill, which is located off of HWY 321 south out of Boone headed towards Blowing Rock and is on my daily commute. Like many other seasonally driven towns, Mystery Hill stands as a local oddity that developed over the years into a tourist destination that provides both a fun escape and a bit of cultural, historical insight into the area–such as the history of Mystery Hill itself.

Offering visitors the opportunity to experience “the vortex”–a space where the laws of physics are defied, Mystery Hill stands as a little tidbit of roadside Americana. Discovered as a hotspot for one of vortexes (there are many across the country) back in 1957, residents of this particular location noticed unusual phenomenon such as trees growing at an angle and objects appearing disproportionate to one another when standing near the vortex. Since then Mystery Hill began to exhibit examples of these phenomenon of which myself and my coworkers were able to experience this past Monday.

I took this as an opportunity to not only find out what Mystery Hill was all about, but also as a chance to take funny photos of my coworkers.


You enter AND exit through the gift shop at Mystery Hill…?


We were given a tour demonstrating the amazing phenomenon that us photographers call “forced perspective”.


Those two look unconvinced…

Inside the main “vortex room” we all experienced the ability to stand at a 45 degree angle. It was truly, quite disorienting.




Leila levitated!!!


Thank goodness for the bubble room! We all had fun blowing bubbles 🙂


After touring Mystery Hill proper, we went to the Native American Artifacts museum, which had an interesting collection of objects and A LOT of arrowheads.



We finished up our tour on the top floor of this museum and renovated historic building. Housed here were an eclectic mix of antiques including a beautiful old radio, record player and kitchen appliances.



Mystery Hill is a great place to take your youngin’s since it does have some fun games and exhibits to explore. We definitely laughed a lot and I made a new friend…


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