So often we forget what it feels like to feel good. As women, we are busy taking care of our households, our loved ones and our communities. Self-care and embracing self-acceptance for ourselves as we are right now should be a given and not something we have to fight for. However, so many of us struggle with this.

I'm inviting you today to say yes to yourself and get back to what it feels like to feel good in your body. Boudoir photography is a powerful way to see ourselves in a new light and get into our sensuality. Embracing your sensuality independent of your partner is transformational. Clients enter sessions nervous and shy and leave sessions feeling like Lizzo! All that before you even see your images.

Boudoir photography is transformational. In how we see ourselves, in how we love ourselves and in how we show up in our lives. Doing a session for yourself or to share with a partner is the perfect way to boost your confidence, practice self-love and feel like a badass!

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Sessions start at $499 and include a 1.5-2 hour session and 4o digital images.

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I do! My deluxe packages include a 20-page lookbook that is the perfect gift for yourself or a partner. I also partner with other local stylists so that I can arrange for you to have your hair and makeup done just prior to your session. Reach out to learn more about these options!

Do you offer add-ons such as books or hair and makeup?

With permission, yes. I always respect the privacy of my clients in regards to sharing on my website and social media. After you receive your images, I will ask that you let me know what restrictions you have about sharing (if any) and/or request that you select which images are approved for sharing. I want to offer this service to every woman and I love ALL the images I take of my clients. Thus, sharing is important for me as a business. However, as a professional my clients’ confidence and trust is of the utmost importance to me. 

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Wardrobe is a personal choice. I encourage you to find clothing that makes you feel good in your body. That could be sexy lingerie, a flowy dress that hugs your curves, a bra and panty outfit with sexy stockings, a piece of your partner’s clothing, stilettos, a pearl necklace, a cute hat, a feather mask… the possibilities are endless! I encourage clients to have 2-3 outfits ready to go the day of your shoot. You can bring more items and make the decision in the moment as well, but try not to get overwhelmed since the shoot is about YOU and not about what you’re wearing :)

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Your session includes a 1.5-2 hour photography session at a private location that will allow you to really get into yourself and have fun! After your session, you will receive access to your images through an online viewing gallery where you can select your favorite photos, download digital files, and order prints. You also receive a print release that allows you to reproduce the images for personal use.

As your photographer, I’m also here to guide you and collaborate with you to make this experience YOURS. Throughout the planning process, I’m here to bounce ideas off of and can help you make wardrobe or fashion decisions. I also like to see what images inspire you and encourage your to make a Pinterest board or save images that you love on Instagram.

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